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As a company with a lot of knowledge, Biff Bang Pow offers students the opportunity to gain creative experience in the workplace.

We know that students’ work placements often consist of spending the day making coffee, answering the phone and sorting papers, but at Biff Bang Pow we do things differently and try to make these visits a truly useful learning experience.

We often begin by introducing students to our work and getting them to analyse the aesthetics and functionality of their favourite websites - this way they start seeing websites from the designer’s point of view and find out what does and doesn’t work in a website.

The next step is for them to design and develop their own responsive site. This means collecting images, making a sitemap and producing a layout in Photoshop, before finally bringing their design to life using HTML and CSS.

During their time with us, we also clue them in on the other services we provide, helping them to understand things like search engine optimization, responsive web design and content management systems.

A work experience placement at Biff Bang Pow is a rewarding opportunity that will help to improve both creative and practical skills as well as prepare students for the world of work.

If you’re interested in gaining work experience with our Milton Park team, please get in touch - it would be great to hear from you!

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You will not be making coffee, promise!

You will not be making coffee, promise!

Our clients are happy

"I have really enjoyed my 2 week work placement at Biff Bang Pow! All the staff were very friendly and I have learnt a lot through developing my own responsive website and helping with different aspects of the company. Overall it has been a very beneficial experience and I have gained a lot of different skills, both creative and technical."

Clara Cornish, Work Experience

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