David Sterrie


I decided to create a website to show off a range of cars including 4 pages a home page, a classic cars page, a cool cars page and a concept cars page.


The website was created using HTML and CSS. I started by adding 2 headings, so on the home page, the headings would be "cars" and "home". I also added a small introduction on each page, below the headings. I then got some images of cars for each page, but the difficult part was laying them out nicely, so that they weren't stretched or squashed, but that they were all the same height and width. Also, for more design such as borders, fonts, colours and captions, I added a separate styles page (styles.CSS). The caption was one of the most difficult parts as I had to alter it for each picture in colour and position. Also, the border was double the size in places where 2 pictures met (for example, the right border of picture #1 would be next to the left border of picture #2 instead of over-lapping, so I had to make 2 features: no-border-left for the pictures with pictures to the left of them and no-border-bottom for the pictures with pictures below them. Finally, I decided to have a description about each car below the picture of it, with a link to a website for that particular car.


The project has provided me with enough knowledge about HTML and CSS to be able to create a website myself without any help. I have enjoyed working with the Biff Bang Pow team and creating my website. I really liked my work experience and I would rather work as I prefer it to school.

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