App development is process of creating application software for mobile devices such as Smartphones and mp3players. This software can either be installed during manufacturing or downloaded by the customer from a mobile software distribution platform.

Bespoke website development is an approach to website development which results in a site which is unique and tailored to fit the company’s needs.  Bespoke website development is a service which can only be supplied by bespoke website developers, such as ourselves, who will design and set up a website as well as offering management solutions such as hosting and CMS.

Brand identity refers to how a company presents itself to the outside world; this will include their name, logo, appearance and communications. It is very important as it dictates how customers will perceive the brand and also what customers the company will appeal to.  A unique and memorable brand identity is the key to gaining customers and getting known.

A CMS is a computer program, which enables you to publish, edit and maintain content from a central interface. The software allows an organization to create and run their website by providing tools and features to keep track of the content and design of the site.

Copywriting is the job of writing text for the purposes of advertising and marketing. There are many different things that copywriters produce; they could write slogans, jingles, scripts for commercials, and web page content, to name but a few things.

Designing for print means making a design which will be printed out and used on things like magazine advertisements, business cards, logos, product packaging and billboards. Design for print will always be static and so is more focused on aesthetics, as opposed to web design, which must be interactive and able to be presented in different sizes.

Digital printing includes methods such as ink-jet and laser printing. A digital image is sent straight to the printer so there is no need for printing plates and chemicals. The quality of digital prints is not as high as with litho print but it is faster and often cheaper.

A domain name is an address allocated to a website by a domain name system. The domain name is usually the name of the website followed by a suffix which shows what type of website it is (i.e. com, org, gov). When visiting the website the domain name will appear in the address bar, often preceded by ’www’.

Electronic-commerce refers to a website for a web based business; for example would be classed as an e-commerce business because it sells its products purely via the Internet. 

A web host is required to publish a website online; it stores the pages of a website and makes them accessible to all computers which are connected to the Internet. The domain name ( is linked to an IP address, which indicates a particular computer. When somebody enters a domain name into their address bar, the IP address is located and Web site is loaded from your Web host.

An Internet Protocol address is a set of numbers separated by dots, which identifies a particular computer on the Internet. An IP address can either be static (always the same) or dynamic (changes every time you connect to the Internet).

Litho print (or offset lithography) is a method of print in which an inked image is transferred to a rubber blanket from a plate (which is chemically treated so that the ink will only stick in certain places), and then transferred onto the printing surface.  This process is used in the mass production of newspapers, books, magazines and brochures.

PHP stands for 'Hypertext preprossor' and is a scripting language used in the development of websites. When the wesite is loaded the PHP code is translated into HTML so the viewer does not see it.

Project management is the discipline of overseeing and arranging every aspect of a project right though to completion; this includes planning, organizing and reaching all objectives set. For example if we were to project manage the creation of a website, we would organize initial planning meetings, design and make the website and arrange everything else that needs to happen. 

Responsive web design is a method of designing websites with the aim of optimizing the viewing experience. It means that a website can change its layout depending on the viewing environment using flexible images, proportion-based grids and CSS3 media queries. For example a website will have a different layout when displayed on a Smartphone than it does when displayed on a large desktop monitor, so people viewing a responsive website on a smaller screen will not have their viewing experience impaired by having to constantly scroll around to see the rest of the page.

SEO is a process used to affect the visibility of a website on a search engine’s natural search results. Essentially this means making sure that a website is highly ranked on the search results pages so that many people can see it. The process takes into account what people search for, how the search engines work and which search engines are most popular. An optimized website will be more accessible and therefore will receive more visitors.

Social media is a means of interacting with people and sharing information via virtual networks and communities. It often refers to websites such as facebook and twitter where people have conversations with others and also share information and images. These sites with user-generated content can also be used for people to promote their business easily and without having to pay for advertisement. 

A Secure Sockets Layer is an encrypted protocol made to send information securely over the Internet. Websites use SSL for secure areas like online checkout and user account pages. The data that is transmitted is encrypted by SSL so that no one else can view it. SSL ensures that sites such as online shops are secure enough to use.

A web server is a computer system, which is used to host websites; they often have high-speed Internet connection to enable the support of multiple connections. Web server software means that the server can access hosted web pages over the Internet. One web server can host many websites and Web Hosting companies often have multiple web servers.

WYSIWYG stands for 'what you see is what you get' and means any software which shows how the final product will look while you are working on it. Word is an example of a WYSIWYG programme because the printed document looks the same as when you are typing it.

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