Cause it’s all about the bass/cake, bout the cake, no treble…

Tuesday 18th November 2014

by Sam Lewis

Confused, curious? Well in the Biff Bang Pow office Lloyd and I have been tasked to raise our social media profile via our new chairman, aka our marketing guru too. So how’s best to advise our clients on how to raise their website’s profiles other to accept our challenge, which has been set with a 3 month deadline!! As office manager it is my responsibility to ensure all office requirements are in place, amongst many others!! Anyhow recently I was asked for feedback on my newly refreshed biog on our website and what was my approach towards my job? Instantly my response was coffee – mandatory. Cake a very welcome addition – and it’s stuck!! Outcome, Lloyd’s very valuable topic chosen for him SEO (!!!) and mine is CAKE!! Yay!!

I freely admit I’m a novice when it comes to social media networking in my role, interesting but not my thing, so how best to learn? Follow me and let’s see what we learn together? What’s a hashtag and how do you use them? Let’s find out together and see what we can achieve and yes I will be acquiring some of the teams expertise too. Included in that I will be overseen by our copywriting expert Humphrey but for now - this is me… I’m very wordy, I know I say it as it as I speak but he’ll ensure I purely just get my point across in the best format feasible for the said social media means, like tweeting within 140 characters – yeah right! Ok, so let’s start on the cakes….

Interest in cakes began from a very young age but has developed in our work environment since being introduced to #FreeCakeFriday, a marketing scheme that comes highly recommended! Our cakes were gratefully made and received by Rebecca Chapman and Hello and... Indulge; delicious and beautiful! Thanks to Phil Murphy for nominating us and to Mahogany hairdressing who we nominated, we hope you equally enjoyed yours too?!! The subsequent empty cake box was then recycled and filled by Lizzie, Lloyd’s girlfriend with blueberry muffins – a lot to be said for recycling! To follow the trend Will, made full use of his fallen apples from his trees and bought in a beautiful apple cake, impressed not just a talented developer! Finally one of our favourite clients, Come Round (one of our most complex and rewarding websites we’ve ever designed and built) gave thanks to us by form of branded cakes – now what more could we ask for?! Cakes in the office rule, major morale boost!!

Only right now to mention a few local cake shops searched via Google that I like the look of purely on a visual basis you understand, taking into account their websites as a whole I suppose and not just the photographs!! If I’m really going to take this project seriously I may even have to partake in a few taste tests too!! Recommendations very welcome, feedback/samples gratefully received!! I’m loving my job…

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