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Monday 2nd March 2015

BBP are very excited to be working with Raw Talent Academy – sales recruitment and training specialists, and brainchild of The Apprentice winner Lee McQueen. Lee founded Raw Talent after parting ways with Lord Sugar and co. in 2010 and has since partnered with companies across the UK, launching sales academies. The achievements and accolades that led him to win the 2008 series of the popular BBC programme have endured in the media and business world, and now we’re collaborating on a bespoke piece of software that can rightly be considered a recruitment industry first. When it launches, it will allow Raw Talent to scale-up and expand while providing their clients with a superior level of customer service and saving internally on time, money and resources. That’s how powerful a good bit of software can be!

Raw Talent came to us last year asking if we could build a unique app that would improve efficiency and streamline their recruitment process by 'digitising' it – of course we said yes! But what kind of app would it be? It would have to be sophisticated enough to profile clients and track, assess and compare candidates’ performances throughout the Academy’s signature three-part evaluation: a telephone interview, a face-to-face interview, and a task-based audition. And it would have to be as dynamic as the Academy’s assessors and candidates themselves, able to function on the fly while being attentive to detail. Initially, what Raw Talent had in mind was a mobile app – but after a full appraisal of their needs, we agreed that the most simple and robust solution would be a web app.

A web app is an application that runs in a browser with the same level of performance as you’d expect from a mobile or desktop app. In recent years, software has developed to the extent that a website or web app can do more or less anything that a native app can, with the added advantage that it’s easier to maintain. It can also be used on tablets and mobiles without having to be installed. Some web apps can even run offline – in fact the Raw Talent app is designed so that if an assessor loses his or her internet connection for a few minutes, it will still work! What’s more, the flexibility of the web platform has allowed us to tailor and brand the app to exact specifications, so that both the Academy’s staff and clients will feel at home using it.

The Raw Talent app is due to launch very soon. In the meantime, developing the software has been both a challenge and a boon for BBP – the freshness of the project has demanded that the work be original. We look forward to updating you on its progress!

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