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Tuesday 6th October 2015

My experience as an intern at Biff Bang Pow.

My name is Cédric Juan, I am a 21 years old IT student from Switzerland. To be precise, I am doing an apprenticeship as programmer.

Every year at my school, approximately 30 students get the chance to go to England and improve their English at CIE in Oxford. Half of those students additionally can apply for an internship at a local company.

This is reason, why I had a chance to gain experience at Biff Bang Pow for two weeks.

I wanted to do this for several reasons. Firstly, I wanted to improve my English, because as a programmer I use a lot of English (most of the programming languages are written in English). Secondly, working in a company outside of Switzerland is really valuable for my C.V. and for my future.

Furthermore, I really enjoyed my time when I did my FCE in England, three and a half years ago. I really wanted to come back a second time and develop further.

I learnt a lot of things, which will help me improve my IT skills in the future and will help me pass my final exams, to become a good programmer.

One of the key things I learnt, is how other programming companies function and which parts of my IT knowledge is still missing. I've learnt a lot of "coding-rules", which I unfortunately have never heard before. These “coding-rules” will enhance my coding process and the legibility of my code structure. Furthermore, despite the fact that I am in the last year of my apprenticeship, I still have a lot of things to learn and to catch up.

This experience has given me a standpoint of my current IT knowledge, by seeing other programmer’s IT knowledge.

Last but not least what I have learnt, is what the differences are between an English company and a Swiss company.

On one side, both companies are operating very similar. On the other hand completely different, which I think is highly interesting.

Biff Bang Pow and the company which I work, are both an IT company, with big interests in web design. But the way the companies achieve their goals are different, but still both achieve exactly what they want.

This is the reason why I like coding, because there are hundreds of ways to code the same program or website, all you need is find the way which suits you and your company the most.

I think the two weeks are a great and interesting experience.

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