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Thursday 8th October 2015

Doing Work Experience at Biff Bang Pow has taught me a lot about the working world and also developed my skills in web design.

So far I’ve managed to make myself comfortable with Javascript and I now know how to use the Bootstrap framework. I am looking forward to learning more as the week goes on and developing my skills further in PHP. I have started working on a solar system generator that will take in variables you choose and build a hypothetical solar system based on equations that exist in the real world.It was quite ambitious but the team at Biff Bang Pow made it a lot easier.

Biff Bang Pow has provided me with a great opportunity to learn about the software industry and I feel that I will leave the experience knowing a lot more about HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. I have enjoyed the independence that Biff Bang Pow has offered me; allowing me to figure things out on my own initiative as well as supporting my project and giving me tips and pointers.

I chose Biff Bang Pow because I have had some experience with web design but I wanted to learn more as I was not very comfortable with it. I have been happy with the amount I have achieved from only a few days of working here. I am glad to say I have pretty much figured out how to use Javascript and it’s syntax; a skill I’ve learned entirely at Biff Bang Pow. Javascript has been a language I’ve always wanted to learn and now I am comfortable with it I feel like I will have no problems working on my own web projects in the future.

The experience has been extremely beneficial to me and has helped my achieve so much over the last few days, the knowledge I have gained will no doubt help me further on in my career.

Tom Cohen

Biff Bang Pow

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