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Friday 23rd October 2015

My conclusion about the two weeks I’ve done a internship at BiffBangPow.

My name is Noel Zehnder. I am eighteen years old and I’m from Switzerland. In Switzerland I’m doing an apprenticeship as software engineer. My school is the TBZ in Zurich and each year some of the students from this school gets the chance to do a language stay. This year we were about 50 students and about the half of us, actually 21 students get the chance to do an internship because of the language stay. That is the reason why I was working for about two weeks at Biff Bang Pow.

The motivation to do this internship was my interest in the english work culture. I wanted to see how people in another country as Switzerland are working. Biff Bang Pow is not the same kind of company as my company in Switzerland, because Biff Bang Pow is specialised in web applications and my work has to do with interface programming. So it was not just a view into an unknown culture, but also a new view into another part of the work of a software engineer.

Another reason for me to do this internship was the will to improve my english skills. English is the business language for the most companies in Switzerland, probably for all companies. First of all I wanted to improve my english to the FCE-level and secondly it would be a great help to have a letter of reference in my CV when I apply for a new job after I’ve finished my apprenticeship next summer.

My work at Biff Bang Pow was very interesting and I’ve learnt a lot about bespoke web applications, agile development and the british work culture. I could practise and improve my skills in web-design with Javascript, HTML, PHP and CSS which I don’t use very often in my company.

I hope that I can repeat to work for a while in Oxford. It was a very good experience and I would recommend the internship to each student who has the opportunity to do it.

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