Bilingual education at Biff Bang Pow

Friday 22nd April 2016

I am Marieke, 17 years old from Holland. As part of my bilingual education, I have to go to an English-speaking country for a week of work experience. This means I am not at Biff Bang Pow to learn more about coding, but I am here to experience what it is like to work in an office like this one.

I have mainly been doing some tasks that needed to be done, that had nothing to do with programming. For example updating the hosting files and looking at invoices, together with Sam, account manager. I have learned how many and which softwares Biff Bang Pow uses to get the most out of the staff and make the company work as efficient as possible. I had never expected that so many different softwares would be involved. What I also found interesting, was how Biff Bang Pow keeps track of the tasks that need to be done. The sprint method seemed to work for this office, but also puts the staff under some pressure to get things done.

Biff Bang Pow is a great place for a work experience, it is a place where programmers and non-programmers merge together to do anything in order to make their clients as happy as possible. As I have proven, Biff Bang Pow is not only a good place for your internship if you want to get better at coding, but also if you want to know what it is like to do office work in general.

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