Learning how to build a website in 5 days

Friday 8th July 2016

This is the first time in my life that I have done work experience, I was expecting less for this was my first time working for a company. As I entered the work space for the company Biff Bang Pow, I was actually excited as this showed everything I wanted in a workspace; complete silence with some chit chat once in awhile, clean room with a great view out of the windows (even if it is just a tree staring back at me), and a bunch of computers.

The first day I was a bit overwhelmed because of how much I had to learn, but I worked hard that day and took lots of notes because I was passionate working in a space like this, and I always wanted to learn more about computers, how they work, and how to code, build, and make things on it. I was very interested, only rising my fascination as I then start to make my website, the first website I have ever made, and I was just squeezing through the code learning just enough to continue with what I wanted to do. I remember getting some slack messages from the people who were working in Biff Bang Pow surprised on how fast I have picked it up.

Then it started to become even more difficult because of the code problems for example, syntax errors, but the feeling of solving a puzzle by yourself was absolutely great, but it was easy for me to get stuck so it was boring a lot of the time. I have learned a bit of CSS and SQL as well as HTML, I realise how useful this skill is, to create my own website and make it actually look good.

One of my friends at school said that things like programming can only be taught to someone if somebody was there to show them how to do it, and reading it off a screen won’t be as good, and I agree with that statement. I realised how lucky I am to learn this at such a young age as well as getting HTML taught to me by skilled developers, not just reading it off a screen (which I actually did lots of the time). I also had such a range in what I wanted to make my website about, absolutely anything, so to keep it quite simple because I am just learning, I chose to talk about something I know well; my favourite games.

All that hard work was definitely worth it at the end as I now have a great site and the skills and experience to continue creating websites and developing my skills.


Written by Mat Wallis, Work Experience Student

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