Pandemedia merge with Biff Bang Pow

Tuesday 1st January 2013

Pandemedia and Biff Bang Pow Limited are to merge.

For well over 10 years our two companies have worked successfully together on a wide and diverse range of projects, making this merger feel a natural progression to all parties. Key players in the companies have worked for each other in the preceding years and clients may well be re-introduced to familiar names and faces.

This exciting consolidation takes place in early 2013 and presents a unique opportunity for the clients of our two great companies to benefit immeasurably. The pooling of back-office administration and client facing account managers is aimed squarely at continuing to give great customer service and support whilst allowing the business to grow and develop.

We recognise that the most important people in this merger are the clients. Continuity of staff will remain and with admin handled from a central point of contact the developers and designers will be freed up to spend more time doing what they love, client centred projects.

Our manifesto remains the same; to forge, from an existing network of talent, one unified entity; the go-to agency for cohesive multi-media services.

This merger progresses that manifesto and we are immensely exited about the opportunities it presents moving forwards.

Pandemedia merge with Biff Bang Pow

Pandemedia merge with Biff Bang Pow

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