5 Steps for SEO

Tuesday 16th July 2013

If you own a website which is not getting as much attention as you'd hoped, here are some tips to make it rank higher up in the search results and get noticed:

1. Keywords

 Pick a range of keywords that are relevant to your business and try to include them in the content of your website as well as your headings and URLs.


To make your website simpler to find and return to, create simple URLs which can be easily remembered and typed into the address bar. Consider using some keywords in these URLs so they link to the content of the page.

3.Page titles

 The page titles are very important as they will be representing the page in the search results and will therefore dictate whether people visit the site or not. The page title must be relevant to the page and describe what it contains but must also be fairly brief.

4."description" meta tag

Using the meta tag you will have written a description for each page in your website. These descriptions may appear as snippets for the website in the search engine so are quite important, make sure the description summarises the page content and is not too long. Avoid using the same description for each page as this could cause difficulties for the search engine and user.

5. Anchor Text

When creating hyperlinks within your website make sure the hyperlinked words are relevant to where they lead. Avoid using generic terms for your links such as 'click here' and try to a word phrase, which indicates what it links to.

For more detailed information on SEO strategies visit Google's SEO starter guide.

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