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Monday 2nd September 2013

Busy weekend? Read all the tech news you missed right here

Everyone believes that weekends are quiet in the world of tech at weekends, right? No, that is wrong! However, that’s no reason for you to have to stay indoors the whole time waiting for it to happen.

Below are all the tech headlines from over the past two days.

News from over the weekend:

  • Windows 8 Now Up To 7.41% Market Share, Windows 7 Still King
  • LG Announces The G Pad, An 8.3″ Android Jelly Bean Powered Tablet
  • The NSA Reportedly Hacked Al Jazeera’s Communications
  • Google-Owned Panoramio Gets a New Design
  • Storify Now Supports Google+ Authorship and Facebook Pages
  • Google Project Loon Explains Smart Balloon Flocking
  • NYT Adds Cross-Platform Support to Its Personalized Recommendation
  • Target Reportedly Close to Releasing Online Video Service
  • Twitter Amplify Signs Its First Video Partnership in Europe
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