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Monday 9th September 2013

Google, Yahoo and Motorola have all decided to update and refresh their logos. We take a look at the changes the big technology companies have decided to make.

Google New Logo


Google have decided to take out some of the harsh gradients on their old logo and tone down the shades a little, to create this noticeable change. The new design makes sense with the industries trend towards the cleaner, two-dimensional aesthetics of flats design (iOS7) giving it a refreshing facelift.

Yahoo new logo


Yahoo! have launched their biggest logo design change in 18 years. Yahoo! are quoted to state that they wanted something that "embraced the evolution of our products", while keeping the essence of their original logo. My concern is that the new logo has taken away that playful character of the brand, making the company seem more serious. The launch of the new logo came at the end of their 30 Days of Change campaign, where a different logo was released each day. This was a great way to create hype and get people talking about their changes.

Motorola new logo


Motorola has decided to make big changes to their well-known brand, switching from the classic bold "MOTOROLA" to an all-lowercase typeface that's thinner and softer. The famous "M" persists, though it now presented in a colourful way. The tagline "a Google company" has also been added to the logo.

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