Have you got HTML Email Signatures?

Friday 13th September 2013

Most people set themselves email signatures but have you tried HTML signatures?

Unlike plain text signatures, a HTML signature can contain many additional style elements. HTML signatures not only allow more style but can also appear more modernised with the use of images and colour to make it seem more visually appealing. Another bonus to using HTML signatures, is the feature to add links, perhaps directly back to your website or to social media platforms. This is great for your clients to have instant access to sites you want them to see, by just a click in an email.

Many HTML signatures are used to add the sender's companies' logo to increase awareness of branding. As well as a logo, colour schemes can be added to match your website.

 HTML signatures can also be used over a variety of platforms so you don't have to worry about the outcome on your smartphones or tablets as the layout will fit the same as a desktop.

However, HTML signatures aren't as easy as you think. They need to be coded to include each element and then tested on all platforms.

Biff Bang Pow originally designed the HTML signatures for the team, with a vertical layout adding a large version of our vibrant logo to the left with individual contact details, following to the right. We included our social media icons below to increase awareness on every platform and added links as much as possible.

After testing this design on other platforms, such as tablets and phones, the layout changed as the signatures were too wide. Biff Bang Pow decided to rethink the design and make it fit to a certain width to allow accessibility on every platform not just desktops.

HTML signatures aren't as easy as you may think but that is where we are here to help you.

If you are interested in changing your email signatures to HTML then contact Biff Bang Pow today.

Initial Design

Initial Design

Final Design

Final Design

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