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Wednesday 18th September 2013

Biff Bang Pow are currently upgrading all our clients website hosting

If you're a Biff Bang Pow client don't worry; you don't need to do anything. This change will be as seamless as possible and you won't be charged for these upgrades. 


Why update the hosting?

Updates to the hosting provide our clients with an improved service, delivering a reliable 99.9% uptime combined with advanced hosting technology allowing improve page load speed as well as greatly improving scalability


This all sounds great, but what does it actually mean to me and my website?

  • Scalability allows your website to grow as your business grows. For example; need to upload videos for the Christmas period? No problem, upload away. You will only be charged for the extra space you use and for the time you use it. Feel free to contact us for further information. 
  • Uptime; 99.9% uptime means your site can be accessed by you and your customer 31,507,200 seconds a year.
  • By improving page load speeds we can help you to improve the user experience, meaning happier customers.



Want to speak to somebody about the updates. Please contact us, the team will be happy to explain any changes to you.

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