Still excited about iOS 7?

Thursday 19th September 2013

We expect everyone is still excited about the iOS 7 update, which was released last night. iOS 7 produced a new look and feel for the operating system using a level of flat design for its app icons.

In order to make the most of this new platform, many other developers have been jumping on the bandwagon and creating new versions that can live up to this new modernised look.

Below is a list of the apps, which have been under a lot of preparation, trying to recreate this iOS 7 feel. Some of these aren’t live just yet but due to be very soon.


Facebook has recently announced a redesign that has a more simplistic design, following iOS 7. They have created the function to move the app’s tabs from top to bottom. The tab bar also stays hidden until you tap the area to make them appear.


The WordPress app for iOS 7 add support for the Open Sans typeface, fixes a few bugs and a includes a more cheerier interface with brighter colors.


Soundwave has also decided to redesign its relatively new social music app not long after its first feature update last month. This latest version responds to user feedback with simplified navigation.


Pocket didn’t need much changing to its app, but the minor tweaks gave it some consistency with other apps you have installed. Article layout and typography have been improved as well as the new advantage of background syncing on iOS 7 that works even when the app is closed.


The new Vimeo app includes a drastic visual overhaul and some handy new features which allow users to now upload directly to Vimeo from the iOS Camera and Photo apps. Videos saved to Watch Later or My Videos will have offline and instant playback. Thumbnails now show live previews. Vimeo is also taking advantage of iOS 7′s AirDrop to allow sharing between videos.


The Kindle app changes are subtle, but considering how much time most of us spend in this app, those small changes should add up to a much better reading experience.  A new Collections feature lets you sort your books into playlist-style groups.


The new Zillow takes the real estate app from a circa 2008 look up to 2013.


Photo filter app EyeEm is getting a fresh new look too with the company taking the opportunity to simplify the app and bring photos more to the forefront. 

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