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Tuesday 1st October 2013

Email clients are getting better at detecting and filtering spam, so spammers have decided to move to social networks where they have better chances of not being found out. That's why, spam has risen 355% in the first half of 2013 on a typical social media account.

Spam has spread on social networks, that 1 in 200 social media posts is spam, and 5% of all social media apps say they promise a potentially useful service and then send spam updates instead.

It seems as though after analysing content from Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube and LinkedIn, social span is growing as a successful business.


"Just like previous mediums such as email, social spam is becoming a real business for spammers. You can see it in the increasing sophistication and diversification of the mechanisms used to distribute spam, and not just in the increase in volume.

The fact that spam is reportedly a $200 million business in Facebook alone, and it’s delivered via a variety of bots, spam networks, and in multiple spam communication types is proof positive that this is real and thriving part of the social media world." Devin Redmond, CEO of Nexgate.


It seems that the biggest strength of sending spam over social network sites is the reach it gets. Email spam can potentially only be delivered to the email addressed you are sending it to, whereas a spam post on social media can reach millions of people worldwide. This makes it harder to detect with only 15% of all social media spam having a link that can be detected.

Although, spammers have more that one way to spread their spam on social networks, with the use of shortened url links, fake account and even applications that promise special features.

Facebook and YouTube have more spam than other social networks. The ratio of spam on those two networks compared to the others is 100 to 1, and Facebook takes the prize for the social network with the highest number of spam attacks.

It has been suggested that while spam at the moment might only be a limited problem on social networks, it could be only a matter of time before it gets worse.

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