Future Of I-Player Is Mobile?

Wednesday 4th December 2013

Due to the new level of responsive, clear ability within the rising market that is mobile devices, the developers of BBC I-Player have seen a large rise in usage on these devices, due to the large boom in design and development which has seen the mobile device increase in efficiency and responsiveness over these last years.

Due to their new responsive design, I-Player is almost more efficient on mobile devices than that of a classic desktop setup on the web, and the figures really show the increase is dramatic!

Figures such as, out of the 261 million I-Player requests in September 2013, 39% of requests were on PCs and 37% of requests were on mobile devices, supporting the new mobile boom and marking the first time that the two have almost matched each other, it just begs the questions: what area should the BBC develop upon and should the BBC’s management of I-Player change to become something different entirely?

November saw the largest increase in weekly requests for I-Player, and the new average of requests per day went up from 7.6 to 7.8 million from October to November, over 30% from mobile devices also.

Overall, it would seem that I-Player’ new market should be within mobile devices as the growth is large, and the demand is increasing daily, but we have yet to see a change in hosting. 

I-Players Going Mobile

I-Player's Going Mobile

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