Top iOS Apps Of November 2013: The Weird and The Wonderful

Monday 9th December 2013

From creative apps to useful developments, the designs of the new apps for November 2013 did not disappoint the markets they were aimed at for functionality and creative feel. Now, with November 2013 firmly locked away behind us, we thought we’d give you a taster on the designs and layouts of some of the previous months’ apps.


Nike+Fuel App:

First on the list of developments during November, is the app to support Nike’s big Fuelband release, the Nike+ Fuel app.

The Nike+ fuel app was developed by the company in order to take advantage of Apple’s new tech, the M7 chip, which picks up motion and records it on an I-Phone 5s. In simple words, this application measures how active a person is through their movement, which is then converted into Nikes new metric measurement, NikeFuel that is basically a measure of how active you are and acts as a personal trainer in order for you to gain NikeFuel and thus increasing your active state. Clever.



Next is Bubbli. Ever wanted to be a photographer, but haven’t had the equipment to do so? Well, now is your chance! Bubbli allows the photographer, after a bit of practice, to use an I-Phone to take, share, receive and generally brag about panoramic, creative photospheres, which are taken through the application itself. These photospheres can then be share, along with the location of them, to friends around the world via the magic of the web. It just goes to show, with a little practice, everyone can be a photographer! It allows for creative photos within a cheap, cheerful app. A favourite of most of us here as it has a responsive feel, great design and quality photospheres which can then be shared with others in order to progress your work.



Next up is a creative application going by the name of QuizUp. QuizUp is firmly setting it’s sights upon becoming the worlds largest trivia game which, judging by this application and the hours of fun I’ve had playing (and losing) upon it, is a logical step forward. This app features an array of questions across 300 different categories with no real bias in one section, meaning it is more fair than other, quiz based applications out there. It also allows you to pit your ability against the world with timed challenges, one to one messaging and even forums, discussion boards and leader boards retrospective to each, city, state and country, allowing for a fun game with a competitive edge, allowing you to set goals according to your level, a very creative development. It also has a matchmaking system, upon which a candidate is chosen for you depending on your previous encounters, so, if you were bad like me, you don’t have to worry! It is also coming to android soon! 


Star Wars: Tiny DeathStar:

Next up is an application called Star Wars: Tiny Death Star. This is an 8 bit minigame based upon the star wars films and has a beautiful retro feel, with classic star wars sounds replayed in creative, 8 bit remixes and characters remade with the same feel. You play as a helper to the dark side of the force, where you help The Emperor and Darth Vader create a new deathstar by building it from scratch and it becomes a 2D, 8 bit bulder game from there, with a responsive and unique feel. Overall, it provides a great retro feel for Star Wars fans, such as myself, to enjoy as well as others and is a personal favourite development of mine in November 2013 as it also functions well. Of course, it also wouldn’t be complete without escape attempts from the Rebel Alliance with Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, all of which you must stop. It provides retro chic with a responsive, creative feel. One of my favourites.



Finally, we have an application by the name of MomentCam.  MomentCam allows the user to capture certain photos and edit them into comic strip characters using a multitude of editing possibilities provided within the development itself. It also uses clear, responsive facial recognition to paste your face onto comic caricatures of which you can change the graphic, and you get to make edits after that happens. You can alter the shape, get different facial and general features and choose from 200 post-editing layouts provided by the app itself, allowing for a creative design of your new, edited comic caricature to come out. Before this app was released in the UK and US, it was a Chinese phenomenon, and it’s easy to see why!


Star Wars Tiny Death Star: Disney Created

Star Wars Tiny Death Star: Disney Created

Nike+Fuel App: Useful and Fun

Nike+Fuel App: Useful and Fun

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