New Mac Pro now available, priced from £2,499

Thursday 19th December 2013

The new Mac Pro is available with a 3.7GHz quad-core Xeon E5 processor, dual AMD FirePro D300 GPUs and 12GB of RAM. Models with 256GB of flash storage will be priced from £2,499, depending on user tweaks. Other more powerful models with a six-core Xeon E5 processor, D500 GPUs and 16GB of RAM start from £3,299.

Buyers can also configure the devices to include 8 or 12-core Xeon processors, up to 64GM of RAM and up to 1TB of flash storage space, although this will obviously add to the overall cost.

Aside of the core hardware specs, the design of the Mac Pro is worth noting – there aren’t too many fully cylindrical desktops around, and its a notable departure from the lumbering silver boxes we had previously come to know and expect.

However, if you do decide to go ahead and order one, remember that they don’t include a keyboard or mouse, so you’ll need to use your existing setup or buy new ones.

Interested, why not take a look at the Apple site now and spec out your new Mac Pro (or dream spec)

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