15 great April fools, 2014

Tuesday 1st April 2014

Google Japan

Magic Hand

You no longer have to operate your device - the magic had does it for you. it weighs 800g and attaches to any keyboard.

There are right handed, left handed, thumb, pinkie, cat paw and back scratcher attachments.





Google Maps Pokemon Challenge

It lets anyone with Android or iOS devices try to catch pokémon. You tap search then tap the "Press Start" button. You use the map to find pokémon nearby then catch them by going there in person and then adding them to the pokédex.   





Auto Awesome Photobombs

The Auto Awesome feature has been expanded to let celebrities photobomb your photos. You upload a new picture, leaving room for a photobomb. Only David Hasselhoff is available.

Check it out on the Google blog






Square Eggs

Experts have been baffled by a Freedom Food Farm that has become the first to rear chickens that can lay square eggs. It means the shape convenient for eating and making egg sandwiches is simpler.

Check it out on the ITV Daybreak website




The Sun

Frackingham Palace

The Queen has given royal approval to tracking in the grounds of Buckingham Palace. A 90ft drilling ring will be erected at the site. The royals will get 1% revenue if something is discovered on the site.

Check it out on the Sun website





Bread Towers

Warburtons will build twin skyscrapers in London to be known as the loaf. it will rise above the Square Mile to make a sandwich of the gherkin.

Check it out on the Dezeen Magazine website



Samsung and HTC

Tech Gloves

Samsung and HTC have unveiled similar products for April Fools'. Samsung have unveiled the Samsung Finger, the slimmest and lightest wearable glove. It comes with a wide 3 inch flexible UHD Super Emo-LED display, an advanced 16 megapixel camera, 5G and Wi-Fi 902. 11 wz. Gestures are used to make, accept and reject calls. HTC have released the HTC Gluuv which looks very sci-fi. It includes the new One M8, a boombomb stereo, a ridiculously hi-res camera and gestures.

Check out Samsung's and HTC's


 The Guardian

Scotland Drive On The Right

Scottish National Leaders are planning to change to the right side of the road to boost the 'Yes' campaign and prove what an independent country they will be. Also, M for Motorway will be changed to S for Scotland and A trunk roads will become N roads - for Nationalist in honour of the new country. The scheme is enormous - there are 2,174 miles of roadie Scotland, including the 273 mile long A9 from Edinburgh to John O'Groats - known as the 'spine of Scotland'. Road sign colours will change to blue.  

Check it out on the Guardian website


New Nerf Nuke

Nerf blaster ammo that can be fired from a rocket launcher. It is shaped like a bomb and fires 80 nerf darts in every direction. It comes with a safety warning; “Do not fire the NERF Nuke at humans, children, pets, wild animals, trees, the elderly, faces, ghosts, or in very confined spaces. Always wear safety glasses, knee pads, and other forms of protection."

Check it out on thinkgeek.com

Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Edible Pizza Box

Domino’s have created a pizza box made of pizza crust, called Edibox. They say it isn’t just to fill you up but to solve the problem of fitting a square box into a round bin. The packaging “is made using our patented crust technology, the Edibox is perfect for sharing, tearing and dipping."

Check it out on the RSVP Magazine website

Ex-NASA Scientist

Hollow Man Morphsuit

Ex-NASA scientist Mark Rober has developed a morph suit that makes its wearer invisible. It "consists of an engineered material fused with spandex, thousands of micro-LEDs and mirrors, and dozens of small cameras capturing required angles to ‘project through’ the wearer."

Check it out on connecteddigitalworld.com

Aaron and Partners

Expel Your Partner

Aaron and Partners have developed a new app that allows people in a ‘partnership agreement’ to expel one of their partners. You upload a picture of the person you want to expel, select your desired method, swipe the screen and the desired individual will literally be out of the picture.  

Check it out on Business Daily


Mouth Expander

KFC have created a website with videos, images and instructional diagrams for a mouth expander to make the Mighty Burger fit inside peoples’ mouths. The Mighty Burger stands at 62mm tall while the average mouth is only 49mm wide. So KFC have collaborated with Australia’s leading orthodontists to create a device that makes your mouth bigger.

Check it out on the KFC website

The Telegraph

Alex Salmond Coin

If Scotland vote for independence, there will be a new coin called the ‘Salmond Sterling’ in circulation in 2015. Within months of a ‘Yes’ vote, all coins will be replaced by the ‘Salmon Sterling’.

Check it out on the Telegraph website


April Fools' Day Takeover

Groupon announced the acquisition of April Fools' Day.

Check it out on the Time website





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