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Raw Talent Academy is an award-winning Sales Recruitment and Training business with a proven track record of unearthing hidden sales talent, showcasing their ability and nurturing success.

'The Apprentice' winner Lee McQueen founded Raw Talent Academy to partner with organisations to build and develop internal Sales Academies, as well as helping to grow existing sales teams. The Raw Talent process is based around candidates demonstrating in real life scenarios what they can add to an organisation, rather than Raw Talent Academy's clients relying purely on CV’s and face-to-face interviews.

Lee came to Biff Bang Pow looking to develop their academy days, a day long interview where candidates are assested for competencies by carrying out pre selected tasks; much like the BBC show 'The Apprentice'.

Raw Talent were looking to evolve their innovative recruitment process by not only making it completely digital but also embracing the ability of data to help in hiring decisions. Working together with both Lee McQueen & Ash Holmes – Raw Talent’s Operations Manager – Biff Bang Pow provided the expertise to help develop the ‘Digital Competency Platform’; a unique we application to manage & review the audition days.

Feedback from the client

" After creating a detailed brief and going through a thorough tender process we felt confident in partnering with Biff Bang Pow, not only that they understood our project but also that they are a local company with similar beliefs. It was a steep learning curve but the end result is a platform that has improved efficiency internally, received extensive praise from clients, improved feedback to our candidates and has been built to allow continued development.

We are currently working stage two of the DCP and look forward to continuing to work with the Biff Bang Pow team. "

Ash Holmes, Raw Talent Academy

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